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Road To Avonlea Exclusive

Hetty King
Henrietta King is the oldest of the adult King children. She is a school teacher and lives in Rose Cottage with her sister Olivia until Olivia gets married. Hetty is responsible for raising her niece, Sara Stanley, and never has been married.


Olivia King Dale
Olivia is the youngest of the adult King children. She lives in Rose Cottage with her sister Hetty and helps raise Sara. She finds love and gets married to Jasper Dale, they have a son which they name Montgomery. Olivia works for the newspaper and helps her husband run the cannery.


Sara Stanley
Sara is the daughter of Blair Stanley and Ruth King. Her mother died when she was five and she lived in Montreal with her father until he was arrested for embezzlement. The show starts off when she moves to Avonlea to live with her aunts Hetty and Olivia. Sara starts off as a spoiled brat but eventually becomes a very respectable young women. She leaves Avonlea to study in France.


Felicity King
Felicity is the oldest of the young King children. When she was young she was mean to her brother, Felix, and her cousin, Sara. As she got older she grew out of that. She eventually falls in love with Gus Pike and marries him in the last episode. For a while she wants to go to medical school but changes her mind. She eventually runs the Avonlea Foundling Home.


Felix King
Felix is Felicity's younger brother by four years. His sister gives him a hard time when he is young and he dislikes her for that but as they get older they get along really well. He works at the White Sands Hotel. He falls in love with Izzy Pettibone, but we never find out if they become a couple. He plans to fight in the war.


Alec King
Alexander King is the second oldest of the adult King children. He lives in the big house on the King farm with his wife, Janet, and his children, Felicity, Felix, Cecily, and Daniel. Alec also runs the King farm. He inherited the farm over his younger brother, Roger, who received a University education instead.


Janet Ward King
Janet is Alec's wife. She is a homemaker and raises their children, Felicity, Felix, Cecily and Daniel. She also helps Alec with some of the farm work.


Cecily King
Cecily is the second youngest of the young Kings. Her parents are Alec and Janet and her siblings are Felicity, Felix and Daniel. Cecily doesn't have a large role in the show until she contracts tuberculosis. Cecily was played by Harmony Cramp for the first five seasons and by Molly Atkinson for the latter two (this really bothers my friend Ally). Whose the better of the two? That's for you to decide but I prefer Molly Atkinson.


Gus Pike
Gus is an orphaned boy who worked on a ship before coming to Avonlea. He gets a job at the White Sands Hotel and falls in love with Felicity King. He leaves to work on a boat which eventually sinks and everyone thinks he is dead. He is found alive but blind and he and Felicity get married.


Jasper Dale
Jasper Dale is known as the "Awkward Man". He is an inventor who lives alone. He falls in love with Olivia King and helps her with the newspaper by being her photographer. Jasper and Olivia buy the cannery from Hetty and eventually they get married. They have a son which they name Montgomery.


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